Welcome – my name is Carmen and I am a teacher in the Saanich School District. I graduated from the University of Victoria in 2012 with my BEd and I am so grateful to be working in a career that I love. Since graduating I have spent time as a Teacher on Call, taught Kindergarten, Grade 5, Grade 1 and am currently working in the roles of Teacher-Librarian and Grade 4/5 Teacher. In 2016 I took a leave to spend 10 months living and teaching in Salta, Argentina. For more about that experience feel free to check out: https://livingwithoutrecipes.wordpress.com

I believe that as educators it is our role to educate the hearts as well as the minds of our students. I am currently very interested in learning more about mindfulness in education, resiliency, and the teaching of growth vs. fixed mindsets. I also have a passion for reading (and love to share this passion with the children I teach) and learning through inquiry. I have a firm belief in the importance of play and in taking children out to explore our natural environment. These topics (among others I am sure) will come up in my blog as I reflect on my continued learning and growth as an educator. I will also be using this blog to document my journey through the University of British Columbia Teacher Librarianship Diploma Program.


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